Attractions in Israel divided by areas 

To plan a tour in Israel it's pretty difficult. Not because it's a large country (a quarter of Scotland, or, fifth from New York state...), it's because there so much to see, and so many different types of interests (Religions, History, Nature, Food and Wineries, Museums, and Festivals).

In this website, I describe several hundred sites (with maps of Israel, attached), which are a mix of all the types of interest. Of course it presents only a very small number of the sites which are worth to see in Israel, but I had to start with something...

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a window that aims you to a page which describes the festivals in Israel during the year, and the best Wineries and Restaurants.

If you come to Israel by flight, in most of the cases (97% of the flights) you will land in ben Gurion airport- which is near Tel Aviv (15KM). Else, you can land in Eilat which is located in the Southern side of the Negev, Near the Red Sea, or, in Haifa which is located in the Northern Coastal Plain.

If you arrive on a cruise, you can dock at the port of Haifa Port or Ashdod port (30KM south to Tel Aviv on the Coastal Plain), Or in Eilat (Red Sea).

There are also domestic flights from Haifa or Ben Gurion airports to Eilat.

If you have any question, regarding the sites or in general about Israel, please don't hesitate to write to me. I promise to make my best effort, in order to reply to you ASAP.

Enjoy the reading, and I hope I will see you soon in Israel - Amir.

מפת ישראל חתוכה. מחולקת ולא ממוספרת על ה