Golan Heights  Attractions

introduction: The Golan Heights or simply...

1. Hermon Mountain: 2,814m high, snowing in the Winter, and have a splendid Ski Site, with all the facilities and equipment.

Protestants pilgrims (Mainly Evangelists) From all the world, pilgrimage the mountain, because they believe this is the Mountain of Transfiguration. As it is written in Matthew 17:1–9, KJV :"And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into a high mountain apart, And was transfigured before them".

The Link to the Hermon Mountain site is:https://www.skihermon.co.il/en/

2. Nimrod Fortress: Qal'at Namrud (Arabic) is a medieval  Ayyubid castle  situated on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon, on a ridge rising about 800 m (2600 feet) above sea level. It overlooks the Golan Heights and was built with the purpose of guarding a major access route to Damascus against armies coming from the west.

The fortress was built around 1228 by Al-Aziz Uthman The son of Saladin's brother al-'Adil, to preempt an attack on Damascus by the armies of the Sixth Crusade.
In 1260 the Mongols captured the castle, dismantled some of its defenses and left their ally, the son of Al-Aziz 'Uthman, in charge of it. 
The new governor started the broad construction activities. When the construction was finished, Bilik memorialized his work and glorified the name of the sultan in a 1275 inscription. After the death of Baibars, his son arranged for Bilik to be murdered, apparently because he feared his power.
At the end of the 13th century, following the Muslim conquest of the port city of Acre (Akko) and the end of Crusader rule in the Holy Land, the fortress lost its strategic value and fell into disrepair.

The Link to Nimrod Fortress site is: https://www.parks.org.il/en/reserve-park/nimrod-fortress-national-park/

3. Sa'ar Waterfall: Mainly active in Winter and Spring (up to May).
To the waterfall, descend west at the green mark towards the creek channel and soon reach an ancient flour mill that operated until 1969 by virtue of the creek water but was destroyed in the flood and did not return to operation. Immediately after her, a narrow path passes through the flow channel. The trail continues on the southern bank and occasionally passes alongside beautiful beaches and ponds. Really impressive! 

4. Banias (Caesarea Phillipi)

Banias is the name of an ancient site that developed around a spring once associated with the Greek God Pan. It is located at the foot of Mount Hermon, north of the Golan Heights. The spring is the source of the Banias River, one of the main tributaries of the Jordan River. Archaeologists uncovered a shrine dedicated to Pan and related deities, and the remains of an ancient city founded sometime after the conquest by Alexander the Great and inhabited until 1967. The ancient city was mentioned in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark by the name of Caesarea Philippi. Here, saint  Peter made his proclamation of faith in Jesus, who declared him as the rock on which he would build his church and promised him the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The first mention of the ancient city during the Hellenistic period was in the context of the Battle of Panium, fought around 200-198 BCE, when the name of the region was given as the Panion. Later, Pliny called the city Paneas (Greek). Both names were derived from that of Pan, the god of the wild and companion of the nymphs.

The spring at Banias initially originated in a large cave carved out of a sheer cliff face which was gradually lined with a series of shrines. The temenos (sacred precinct) included in its final phase a temple placed at the mouth of the cave, courtyards for rituals, and niches for statues. It was constructed on an elevated, 80m long natural terrace along the cliff which towered over the north of the city. A four-line inscription at the base of one of the niches relates to Pan and Echo, the mountain nymph, and was dated to 87 BCE.

5. Mount BentalMount Bental is a non active Volcano, which stopped to erupted around 7000 years ago. This mountain is located nearly 1 mile from Syria. On the summit of the mountain (can be accessed with a car) there is a former Syrian fortification from 1967, which you can visit, due the fact it stands as it was.
In addition you have a tremendous observation to the Syrian Border and beyond. On a very good day you can even see the Suburbs of Damascus. On the summit you can find Coffee shop, and Artists exebitions.   

6. Katzrin: In the town of katzrin we can found two unique sites:
1. The Golan Heights Winery- was built on the site of an agricultural village from the Mishnaic period in the Golan Heights. It is Israel's third largest winery. In 2012, Golan Heights Winery was named New World Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. They have there, a visitors center, which will give you a unique experience of tasting.

The link to the Website is: http://yardenwines.com/our-brands/golan-heights-winery/
2. The Katzrin talmudic Village- Katzrin Park in the Golan Heights is a time capsule affording visitors the chance to experience what life was like for Jews living during the Talmudical/ Byzantine periods (3rd – 6th centuries.) The preserved village contains an impressive ancient synagogue.

מפל סער 2.jpg

7. Daliot Stream (Majrase): In the Lower side of the Golan Heights Slope, there is a beautiful stream, which in the Spring, Summer and autumn, it's nice to visit (even with the kids), walk inside the stream (400m), and enjoy the harmony of nature.
The site offers all the necessary facilities such as dressing rooms, Toilets, Showers and Kiosk.


8. Hashalom Observation: On the summit of the Golan Height, there is a beautiful observation. From that spot you can observe all the Sea of Galilee, part of the Lower Galilee, Tiberias, and all the Mountain which surround the Sea Of Galilee.
You can find there WC, Kiosk, if you have time, you can enjoy some cold drinks, while looking at this beautiful view. 

9. Hamat Gader:  Welcome to Hamat Gader, the place where each of the family members can have fun, in his own favorite way!
Hamat Gader’s recreation and spa site offers you a broad range of attractions and activities, suitable for all ages, available in one location. The little ones like animal shows? Check. The older prefers to spend his energy in a water park, and try out slides and special facilities? Check. The teenager want to forget everything, and focus on crocodiles? Check. Mom and Dad want to treat themselves to Spa treatments, and enjoy a relaxing experience of a chalet in the North? Check and check again! All you need to do is say how you would like to spend your time, and we will make sure you will want to come back for more.
At the heart of the park are located the famous thermo-mineral spring that has attracted visitors since Roman times. The Romans built in this location luxurious baths and halls that were preserved till our time, and are a unique attraction. Bathing in the warm thermo-mineral springs have many medicinal qualities, and it is a particularly pampering and healthy experience.   Link to the WebSite is: http://hamat-gader.com/en/

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