Wineries and Restaurants 

It's not so easy to recommend on restaurants and wineries in Israel, because of two main reasons:

1. It's a matter of my own taste. I can love something that others will hate. In this matter I'll try to be objective as much as I can.

2. It's a matter of budget. In this matter, I ignore the prices- and you will ake your own decisions, regarding which Restaurants and wineries you want to visit.

Therefore, every restaurant/winery which I recommended, I will add to the recommendation, the link of its website- and you will take your own decision.

Some of the websites are in Hebrew, but you can translate them, through Google Translation.

Golan Height:

1. Moshavutz restaurant- The Moshavutz restaurant invites you to enjoy seasonal local cuisine. They are big followers of Farm to Table, and cook up-to-date food based on the vegetables and meats. They grow by themselves the vegetables and the fruits, cheeses, wines, olive oil and more, produced by our neighbors and friends from the area.

2. The Gilabun Farm- In the heart of the Golan Heights between the pastures and the vineyards is a rural meat restaurant.

In a spongy local wood and stone structure, In the spirit of the Wild West, Around the tables are cowboys and a wood-burning fireplace, you will be served a selection of quality meat dishes.

3. El Yasmeen-  Delicious food, homely, warm and authentic hospitality. The restaurant does not have a menu The restaurant serves all its food in abundance and you can eat whatever you want. At the end of the meal you can pack their delicious food. Price per adult: 110 NIS Price per child: 50 NIS You can request a supplement free of charge.

4. Brewhouse Golan-  Brewhouse Golan, a quality meat restaurant inside a brewery with a special menu that combines varied and unique dishes, thanks to a combination of a rich selection of excellent meats and cooking in fresh beer produced locally from the Golan Heights.


1. Bahat Winery- The Bahat Winery is a family boutique winery in Kibbutz Ein Zivan in the northern Golan Heights.

Today, some 10,000 bottles are produced in the Bahat Winery each year from grapes harvested in the Kuneitra Valley and at the foot of Mount Bental in the northern Golan Heights, 1000 meters above sea level.

2. The Odem Mountain Winery- The Odem Mountain Winery was founded by Idit and Michael Alfasi and their children in 2003, after much thought, deliberation and planning.

The winery was built at their home in Moshav Odem, in the heart of a beautiful oak forest in the northern Golan. It is the northernmost winery in Israel, 1,100 meters above sea level, surrounded by an impressive oak and pine forest.

3. Ortal Winery- Ortal Estate Winery is located in Kibbutz Ortal, in the northern part of the Golan Heights, with a beautiful view overlooking the vineyards. The winery produces some 25,000 bottles a year, from Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. The vineyards are grown by the winery team throughout the season, from pruning to harvest.

4. Assaf Winery- Assaf and Oren, father and son, create wine together for over 10 years.

Assaf learned the theory and practice of winemaking from Peter Silverberg, a graduate of the Davis Institute of California. He studied at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and completed a wine lab training at THE STANDARD INSTITUTION OF ISRAEL. Today, as our master winemaker, he consults to other wineries spreading his extensive knowledge and training.

Oren, the second child, worked and studied winemaking in California’s Sonoma Valley in the well-known Michel-Schlumberger vineyard.

5. Golan Height Winery- Golan Heights Winery, Israel’s leading producer of quality wines, was established in 1983.

From its founding until today, the Winery has made its mark and expanded its influence on the Israeli wine world. Its establishment changed the local wine map and shaped the perception of wine quality in the mind of the Israeli consumer.

6. CHÂTEAU GOLAN Winery- The winery began in 1996 when the Rybak family planted 131 dunams of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from Moshav Eliad in the agricultural areas of the farm in the southern Golan Heights.

Upper Galilee

1. Bat Ya'ar Ranch - The Bat Ya’ar Ranch is located in the middle of the Birya forest, 800 meters above sea level and is only 10 minutes' car ride to Amuka Observation point and 10 minutes' car ride from the Tzefat Junction or the Mahanaim junction. At the ranch you will be able to enjoy our top quality Restaurant –"The Steak House" – a very well-known restaurant in Israel for its meat quality and the warm and homely atmosphere.

2. Ari 8 Restaurant, Safed- In the heart of the picturesque town of Safed, there is a quality meat restaurant in a 120-year-old building. The menu is in charge of chef Aviram Zeid - who started as a simple dishwasher, and gradually progressed between all positions, up to eight as chef. A rich and high-quality menu with meat dishes consisting of juicy slices, prepared with great love, in order to give them the great taste and wonderful aroma.

3. Hunter house-  Kfar Jish (Gush Halav), brings to the village the concept and aroma of an American hunter's house, the eyes of diners on a special Dutch wood grill located in the center of the restaurant.

Chef Hunter House, brings a carnivorous experience for meat lovers, and especially a magical atmosphere of a real hunter's house. The culinary offer is based on the purity of fine large chunks of meat that come in carts, lovingly cared for by chef and owner Bashir Suleiman.

4. Aluma Galilean Bistro- The restaurant serves Galilean cuisine composed of ethnic ingredients with an added European touch, all made into carefully composed dishes with flavors to remember.

Rustic furniture, romantic and elegant atmosphere and an upbeat seasonal menu based on local produce, fine meat, fresh and diverse sea fish and seasonal vegetables, all create the perfect setting for a great meal.

5. Bella Mia-  A meat restaurant with an innovative and pampering concept for lovers of quality and super delicious meat! The place has an industrial design combined with colorful pop art that upgrades the whole dining experience. The place offers a variety of selected meats, burgers with spoiled and crazy toppings you have never seen before! Focaccia, breads, salads, fish and more.

6. Château du Roi- Château du Roi prides itself on its culinary offer. Their fine-dining restaurant La Trratoria, offers traditional Italian dishes with locally sourced fusion delicacies. The quality of the meals is guaranteed by carefully selected, top quality raw materials, freshly homemade bread and pasta, and fresh desserts prepared every day. Diners can also enjoy our large wine list and a selection of spirits and cocktails.

7.Alrobian- Fish, meat, fish, seafood restaurant. After wandering through peaceful and enchanting settlements in the heart of a green lung of natural woodland, and filling your lungs with the fresh air of the north of the country, it is time to fill your stomach as well. And the and a great place to do it is at Al Rubian Restaurant (near Misgav center).

8.Indiana-  In the heart of the Ahihud grove, on the road connecting Acre and Karmiel, Indiana Restaurant, which specializes in preparing chef's dishes from the Galilee cuisine with a Mediterranean fusion.

Meat lovers? Fish? Maybe seafood? Here at Indiana every diner finds what they are looking for. A variety of fine meat dishes, fresh fish, seafood, vegetarian dishes, everything is fresh, straight from our chef's kitchen.

9. La Pampa (Mitzpe Hila)- before I'll write recommendation regarding this restaurant, I want to add a remark that this restaurant open only on Thursday and Friday (You have to order in advance!), and the menu is fixed (very delicious, but fixed).

La Pampa, intimate restaurant is based Argentinean cuisine, specializing in smoked meats. La Pampa is located in the western Galilee in natural woodlands. Restaurant meal experience is a total experience, outgoing packets from the restaurant at a leisurely pace and at a time out of the kitchen another little surprise.


1. Dalton- Nestled in the heart of the Galilee, adjacent to the beautiful village of Kerem Ben Zimra, Dalton Winery is a gem that derives its excellence from the skills of its people and the natural gifts of its surroundings. Established in 1995 by father and son Mat and Alex Haruni, the two identified the potential of the Upper Galilee, envisioning it as a premium wine producing region.

2. Adir- Located in the heart of the Upper Galilee, with the view of an intoxicating vineyard landscape, the Adir Visitor Center invites you to enjoy unique tastings of quality wines and cheeses produced onsite, straight from their winery and dairy. The venue offers a short video viewing for the whole family, wine and cheese tastings, healthy light meals accompanied by Adir wine and pleasant music.

3. Dror- they produce the wine from the finest in the vineyards located about a single kilometer from the winery. The winemaker is Yariv Dror, the son of the winemaker, who has been growing grapes for about 15 years. Family closeness, like geographical proximity, ensures close cooperation between the winegrower and the winemaker. You are invited you to visit the winery's visitor center, the center is located in Kfar Shamai - a picturesque Galilee village.

4. Galil Mountain- In the Upper Galilee, we discovered the beauty of a free-flowing connection with nature. Experiencing this connection led to the establishment of a winery whose approach and actions are free and creative.

Galil Mountain Winery raised the banner for leading a vision of sustainability in the vineyards and in the winery, and for creating a free-flowing connection with the customer. We invite you to join us in this fascinating journey that’s close to nature.

Lower Galilee

1. Cafederazia Restaurant in Kfar Tavor- Cafederazia is the perfect stopping point in the north. The place to jumpstart your day with a good breakfast, which will energize you for your trip to the Golan or Galilee resorts. The varied menu includes special breakfasts that can be found only here, surprising starters, fresh vegetable salads, rich pastas, hamburgers, vegetarian dishes and a variety of sweet desserts.

2. Hatzarfatiya Haktana Afula- This a lovely restaurant which serve Salads, Toasts and Stir- Fried dishes. It's not expensive and delicious.

3. Achuza Grill Bar- The Achuza Grill Bar restaurant, has existed in Afula for over 13 years. Their customers are one big family, and they are happy to have new customers for the family all the time. the restaurant is suitable for people who know how to appreciate quality meat, excellent service and a fun northern Israeli atmosphere. and in short, let's meet the best in meat!


1. Stern- Stern Winery is a family-owned Galilee boutique winery, which is located in one of the peaks overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Johnny Stern founded the winery in 2004.

Each and every wine is made with lots of attention to detail, and most importantly with a great love for wine.

The Winery produces red wines from grapes harvested at quality vineyards in the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee and in 2012 the winery began to produce a white wine.

2. Lotem - Lotem Winery (2002) is an organic boutique winery that combines quality wine making from a selection of grape varieties grown in the Upper Galilee region on the outskirts of Mount Meron. The unique combination of spiritual content, energetic processes and advanced science, create a quality and original wine.

The energy in the wine comes from the organic production process and the playing of wine (yes the wine listens and responds).

We play wine throughout the production and aging process, songs and melodies that contain the same energies that we want to pass on to you.

3. Tabor- At Tabor Winery, we believe that excellent wine is generated in the early stages, starting in the vineyard. That's why our well-known vineyards are ecological and natural. Our vineyards are being watched by a very special supervisor – The owl, that makes sure the ecological balance, we care so much about, is well kept.

Tabor Winery was established in 1999 by 4 experienced vineyard families. In 2012 we made a decision – to embrace the ecological standards we value so much.

4. Kitron- Kitron Winery is a family gravity winery that produces wine with maximum use of the power of nature. Free flow of wine from floor to floor creates a round wine with a soft finish without bitterness. The wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in a unique vineyard in Kidmat Zvi, in cold climates and at high altitudes. The vineyard produces grapes of exceptional quality that are harvested by hand and at night, and undergo a careful double sorting. After fermenting and aging for 32 months in new French oak barrels, without shading and filtering, bottled and ready to send. Very exclusive.

5.  Zippori- Zippori winery, is the only one that I had doubt to recommend on it. and why is that? not because it's not a good winery. It is good!!! It's because they don't have a website (only Facebook), and the reason for that is that they focus mainly with Israelis visitors. But, if you want to taste a good wine, in a unique landscape, and a good vegetarian food, try Zippori winery.

Hula Valley and Sea of Galilee

1. Hatahana (Metula)- Hatahana is more than just a restaurant – it is a culinary experience. A wild western touch is present in every corner – from the interior decor to menu items. The Hatahana restaurant has been around for over 15 years and has won a variety of awards, one of them being “Israel’s top 5 steak houses”. The restaurant is located next to the historic flour mill, which used to operate in Metula, in an area called Mapal Hatahana (The Station's Waterfall in Hebrew)– after which this restaurant has been named.

2. Kvish 90 (Road#90 in Hebrew)- Kvish 90 is first and foremost a burger, our burger and we really like our burger. The road is two minutes from Rosh Pina, two hours from Tel Aviv and offers a complete entertainment experience for everyone, almost all day (you also need to rest from time to time). You are welcome to spend time with us and enjoy a fresh and fine burger, chilled beer and air and atmosphere as only the Galilee knows how to offer. One of the Best Hamburger restaurants in the Galilee area.

3. Tibi's (Vered Hagalil Ranch)- Tibi's, founded by chefs Haim Tibi and Roi Cohen in 2013, collects fresh vegetables from local farms, specially imported flours, raw materials from local farms and producers, excellent wines from Israeli wineries and chunks of meat from Freedom.

The pasta is drunk and the hands are nimble, the bread dough is puffed and the meat is broken down in the butcher shop on the spot and of course - properly aged. The desserts are based on the fruit of the season and the patisserie cream mixes in the comfort of their wonderful confectioner - Hagar Chevbo.

4. Magdalena (Magdala)- Magdalena Restaurant presents a wonderful combination of aesthetics, atmosphere, harmony, art and Galilean flavors - unique and authentic. The restaurant is another step on the path of culinary excellence and the uncompromising nature of Chef Yosef (Zuzu) Hanna.

The view at the foot of Mount Ha'arbel, the Golan Heights and the Sea of ​​Galilee provides calm, relaxation, a pastoral atmosphere for all our guests and together with the chef's delicacies illustrate an ultimate culinary entertainment experience.

5. Tanureen- If you were looking for an authentic oriental restaurant in the Sea of ​​Galilee area, you have come to the right place, Tanureen Restaurant is the best of its kind, in the area.

The best Galilean village dishes will be generously spread on your table, combining the pleasant design and aroma, the soft colors and the spacious space join together for your enjoyment.

On the menu is a wide variety of gourmet country salads, grilled meats, a selection of river and sea fish, seafood and homemade food: juicy dairy kebab - seasoned with a mixture of spices and prepared over a charcoal fire.

6. 1910- The 1910 restaurant is located in the historic Rishonim Yard complex, in a beautiful space belonging to the group of first buildings erected in Kibbutz Degania A.

1910 An Italian-Mediterranean restaurant, on the one hand, creates a warm and homely atmosphere and at the same time operates as a tight culinary institution that maintains strict standards proper to the restaurants valued in the big cities.

7. Marinado (Ein Gev)- The story of Marinado the meat from the Golan begins between basalt stones and a landscape in the beginning in the Golan Heights with a panorama of the Sea of ​​Galilee in the shadow of the Galilee mountains. Roi Tavor and Itamar Kendlik settle in Moshav Kanaf in the southern Golan, dreamed together of a patchwork and cattle calf and in 2003 fulfilled their dream.

With the passion, experience and knowledge of the professionals from Marinado Farms, a unique concept of marketing agricultural produce from the tower directly to the customer was born.


As you can see, there are no unique wineries that I can recommended in this area. The next place that you can have an experience with Boutique Winery is 25 minutes' drive- or to the Golan Heights or to the Galilee area.

Jordan Valley+ Gilboa mountain

1. Tzel- Tamar (south to the Sea of Galilee)- Tzel Tamar is a paradise set on a field of watermelons and dates, beneath the Golan and Gilead heights, in-between the Yarmuk River and Naharaim Dam. A green tropical garden surrounds Tzel Tamar country restaurant; green lawns and creek are crossed by a small wooden bridge.

Throughout the years, Tzel Tamar has become more and more known. The restaurant specializes in meat and seafood, while also serving vegetarian dishes, pastas, fish and more and more.

2. Herb farm (Gilboa)- The Herb Farm restaurant in Gilboa, is a romantic restaurant in the north, is located on Mount Gilboa, in an impressive wooden structure in an alpine style.

The windows of the restaurant and the spacious terrace overlook the views and expanses of the valley. From the restaurant you can see the Nazareth Mountains, Mount Carmel, Mount Tabor and even Mount Hermon. Next to the restaurant is a spice garden that contains dozens of different types of herbs and spices. Unique and delicious food.


It's so hot on Summer time, that no grapes will grow in this area.

Dead Sea Area.

Well first of all, the restaurants in this area, are mainly for tourists' groups, therfore, great and Unique, they cannot be. Anyhow you can have a decent meal, in the Hotel area at Ein Bokek Hotels (The 5* hotels).


It's so hot on Summer time, that no grapes will grow in this area.

Judean Desert

1. Me Casa (Almog junction)- Me Casa was opened in June 2018, a small and cozy restaurant, interior designed as a countryside restaurant, and our next door neighbors?... tall rows and rows of date plantation fields, an oasis in the Judea desert.

Their secret is simplicity is key factor, just like traditional Italian food represent - you don’t complicate things, you live and eat better!

They cut fresh vegetables we bring from the fields around, and create for you crisp fresh healthy salads! They marinate and grill the meat dishes served. Add to all these the best spices, salts, herbs, good cheese and I trust you will find here a fine place to dine and relax at.

2. HAME'ASHENET of Yoel (Yoel's smoking grill restaurant in Hebrew)- This restaurant is located between the Northern side of the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

HAME'ASHENET of Yoel is a meat restaurant and boutique smoker for people who understand meat - or at least are crazy about meat. Joel, the chef and whoever opened the place, takes the freshest and best chunks, and lets the smokehouse activate its charms. You will find on the menu a wide variety of meat dishes, smoked and in general, exactly to the degree of making you like.

Chef Yoel Ben-Shabbat has been living and breathing the kitchen for more than 35 years. For 20 years he worked in the hotel industry, and among other things was the head chef at the Mount Zion Hotel in Jerusalem. He served as a culinary consultant for restaurants and event gardens, and even represented Israel in culinary competitions around the world - the silver and gold medals still hang proudly in his home.

3. Muza- Muza restaurant is located in the southern side of the Judean Desert, in Arad.

This restaurant bar that has become a center of attraction since 1985 for residents of the area and travelers who are on their way to Eilat or the Dead Sea. During the day, Muse serves as a rich restaurant, where you can find flavors for every palate: grilled meats, pizzas, pastas, salads and more.

At night, Muse becomes a lively pub with a happy atmosphere, football scarves that adorn the ceiling, good music and quality alcohol. Visitors in the summer expect another attraction, in the form of live performances by famous artists.

4. Kaparuc'hka- Kaparuc'hka restaurant is located in the southern side of the Judean Desert, in Arad.

Usually, I'm not recommended on a Pizzerias. But, in the Judean Desert the variety of restaurants is limited, therefore, I decided to add this restaurant to the list. They serve their Pizza, Calzone & Focaccia baked in a real handmade Italian brick oven with fresh salads, Sandwiches and Homemade desserts. Tasty and not expensive.


1. Midbar - Midbar Winery in Arad was established to develop, promote and celebrate winemaking in the desert.

Midbar is the Hebrew word for desert. The winery is located in Arad, and the vineyards, near the Ramon Crater, typically over 800 meters above sea level, benefit from the Negev’s unique terroir. The white top soil reflects the sun’s rays onto the vines and the hot, dry climate, with its dramatic and rapid variations in temperature between day and night, and between winter and summer, develop grapes of unique characteristics – with high natural levels of acidity and a unique array of aromas and flavors.

Limited edition wines are Midbar specialty and expertise. Midbar Winery produces 60,000 bottles per annum.

2. Yatir-  Yatir Winery was built at the foot of the citadel in the Jewish town of Tel Arad, 10 minutes from the vineyards located in the Yatir Forest. The small, high-quality winery was established in 2000, as a joint venture between the region's winemakers and the Winegrowers' Association, who discovered the extraordinary potential inherent in the Yatir region. Today the winery produces about 150,000 bottles. The southern winery in the heart of the desert has over the years become a symbol of the region, after its wines, which are regularly awarded scores, praises and medals every year, have been crowned among the best Israeli wines in recent years, by visitors from Israel and abroad.

North Negev

1. Ta'am Ha'Emek (Netivot)- Ta'am Ha'Emek restaurant it's a place to get excited. The restaurant located in Netivot welcomes guests in a spacious and invested complex. The uniqueness of the restaurant begins with the heritage of its owner - a family of sheep and cattle breeders who decided to share with diners the passion for meats.

The fine meat that lands on the plate comes from herds that grow in the area and are carefully cared for by the skilled butcher team. In order to emphasize their natural taste, the meats undergo a special aging process or are soaked in a variety of marinades. Then the meats are roasted under the sizzling coals, releasing irritating aromas that cause the taste buds to start working.

Along with the kosher meats, appetizing salads from selected local produce are prepared at Ta'am Ha'Emek restaurant. The ability of the staff is to give appropriate culinary expression to the wonders of nature, alongside the embracing atmosphere and smiling service.

2. Cramim (be'er Sheva)- Cramim Restaurant under the direction of Chef Sahar Rafael, was established 15 years ago in Moshav Sgula. In light of the demand and success, another restaurant was opened in Be'er Sheva. Since then, Cramim has been considered one of the leading chef restaurants in the country, offering its customers a refreshing and extraordinary culinary experience.

Over the years specialized Raphael studied culinary schools considered in the world, among them the Notre Dame School under Chef Robasho and specialized in the food of classic and conservative French cuisine.

Raphael has taken part in several TV shows, participated in the reality show 'The Kitchen', which was broadcast on Channel 2 with Chef Ezra Kedem, and won first place.

Raphael is a member of the Israeli Chefs' Association and has undergone training in food judgment.

3. Kampai (be'er Sheva)- Kampai Beer Sheva is the leading bar-restaurant in Beer Sheva for over eight years. "Kampai" is known in the variety of Asian restaurants in the country and even the most prominent among them. The word "Kampai" in Japanese means for life. Kampai specializes in Asian cuisine and offers a variety of Japanese sushi dishes, wok and grilled meats from the Far East. Also, the Kampai Beer Sheva restaurant has a spacious bar offering a huge selection of wines, beers and alcoholic beverages, including unique cocktails composed by skilled and friendly bartenders.

The restaurant has become a dizzying success and now operates nationwide thanks to Kampai, a chain of Asian restaurants. The chain spreads the word of Asian cuisine with a precise combination of flavors, colors and healthy food.

4. Otentit (be'er Sheva)- When the chef Yakir Masrati decided to open the Otentit (authentic in Hebrew), he followed the heart of the authentic food and the hospitality experience. His kitchen is open and visible to the eyes, which creates a visible connection between the guest and the place. The restaurant serves a rich fusion menu that he has assembled, a menu that is authentic to the chef experiences and his taste buds. Adherence to fresh raw materials every day is felt and presented to you at every moment, and the open kitchen invites everyone to discover what is going on in it. Even before you taste them, you will start to fall in love ... In perfect harmony, you are served a rich and fine wine menu with quality premium wines from the country and the world, along with a colorful and delicious cocktail menu. They chose to create for you a world of experiential entertainment in flavors and sensations.

5. Arabica (be'er Sheva)- Arabica restaurant established in 2010, at the Center of the Old City of Be'er Sheva and covers approximately - 700 square meters in a stunning architectural beauty.

The kitchen of Arabica offers a rich variety of flavors from different cultures - Asian, Italian, Oriental, Japanese, etc. On the menu, there are unique Arabian chef dishes, homemade burgers, steaks including prime pieces of fine Angus meat and foie gras, Asian dishes, a wide selection of sushi, meals suitable for children, various pastas, business meals in the afternoon and in the evening and of course A quality alcohol bar that always offers various specials and a large selection of Israeli wines.

6. Jessica Restro Bar-  Jessica Restro Bar Beer Sheva is the younger (and equal) sister of the old and talked-about Jessica Tel Aviv branch. Jessica brings with her to the city the same charm that she generously spreads over those who spend time in Tel Aviv, while excitingly combining fine food, good music and enjoyable alcoholic entertainment.

At Jessica you will find a refreshing Mediterranean fusion menu, with varied dishes all made from fresh produce. Jessica's dishes are generous, and there are even sherry meals, the only problem you will have is - what to choose?


Unfortunately, in the North of the Negev, there are no wineries that I wish to recommend.

South Negev

1. Havit (Mitzpe Rimon)- The Havit Restaurant, which was opened in 1987 by Miko and Avital, is celebrating 3 wonderful decades. This special place has gone a long way from a party place, pub and bar in its first few years, to a bar & Restaurant with a warm and homey atmosphere.

The menu is rich and eclectic. Big Alcohol Bar, large draft beer selection and many Israeli & International boutique beers to choose from. The portions are large and generously served.

2. Pastory Eilat- Pastory, a magical Italian courtyard and bar in the center, offering a variety of Tuscan-scented meats and seafood. On the menu you will find selected seafood, fish and meats, a huge selection of starters and of course pasta, produced locally in combinations and flavors from around the world. You can also choose gluten-free pasta or whole meal pasta. The homemade sauces are made on the spot according to unique Tuscan recipes and adapted to the various pastas according to the best Italian tradition. They chose an open kitchen to share with you the experience of preparing the dishes you ordered.

3. The Brewery (Eilat)- The brewery was founded in 2015 out of a love of beer and people. A walk away from the bustle of the day in the middle of the industrial area of Eilat, they opened a place to have a local beer or two with friends alongside an original and special menu. With the use of only high quality ingredients, including barley and hops straight from Europe along with a closely supervised brewing process, they have made a warm home to love beer. From the moment you enter you can already sense the uniqueness of the inviting establishment. Along with combining elements of an industrial factory with hand-crafted wood-work features that lets you experience a combination of astounding colors, delicious flavors and alluring smells.

4. Pago Pago-  The restaurant’s menu includes creative starters, seafood, fish and quality pasta dishes alongside fine meat dishes.

As a fresh addition to the restaurant’s menu, in summer 2020 they added a rich and creative menu of breakfast, including healthy dishes alongside some fine corrupted sandwiches and fine burgers. The restaurant’s kitchen is led by a young and talented chef who combines the best of their famous dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine with fresh and creative touches from the French and Italian cuisine.

The new restaurants’ design is characterized by clean lines that give a classic and solid look to the restaurant space while an original combination of wood, concrete, iron and glazing details.

In the center of the restaurant stands a spectacular rectangular bar made of blackened oak and decorated with natural oak bars combined with silver metal. Around the bar you can sit and enjoy the full range of our rich menu and a huge selection of natural drinks, alcohol and wine.


1. Ramat Hanegev- The Kadesh Barnea winery is currently going through a branding processes and has changed its name to Ramat Negev Winery. The name came from the desire to express the unique growing lands´ grapevines in Ramat Hanegev, while representing the entire Ramat Hanegev area. Each wine is effected by the area in which it was grown. The winery aspires to make wine from Negev vineyards and allow wine lovers a rare taste of the different and special grape-growing area. In addition, Ramat Negev Winery is the very first winery that was established in Ramat Negev and one of the first to plant vineyards. As a result of an innovative perception combined with an ancient tradition, it was decided to grow vineyards in the Negev and express this terroir. The winery´s aspiration is to gather all of the agricultural produce of grapes and be a central location/central winery.

As of 2019, the winery makes about 200,000 bottles in a wide range of prices. The winery´s goal is to make quality wine for affordable prices.

2. Moa- Moa winery was established In 2014, when Yehuda, together with Zvia and the children, decided to fulfill their dream and open a small family winery. The old packing house, two old flower refrigerators that have stood empty for the past decade, and a basic wine making course, are what gave the idea to produce wine in the Arava. It was decided to bring the grapes from the wind plain area in Mitzpe Ramon, in order to produce a unique desert wine that will symbolize the area through the spices and the desert, which are an integral part of the family.

North Coastal Plain

1. Michael Bistro (Near Nahariya)- Michael Bistro restaurant is located In a pastoral building in the heart of an orchard in Moshav Leiman. "Local Michael Bistro" provides an experience of hearty food and hospitality in a unique atmosphere, as can only be found in rural areas in France and Italy ...

"Michael Bistro Local" serves seasonal food that is based on local produce, while maintaining only quality raw materials.

Chef Michael Gertofsky's abilities and works, philosophy and the magical location come together for a unique entertainment experience.

2. Adelina (Near Nahariya)-  Adelina Chef's restaurant in the north, is one of the oldest chef restaurants in the north, and one of the first to open in the Western Galilee.

The beautiful building stirred their imaginations, but also the visible view, from Rosh Hanikra to the Carmel Mountains, where the entire Blue Bay stretched out in front of them, all of which they wanted to share with the guests who would come to the chef's restaurant.

They realized that good food in such a beautiful place is a good formula for a chef restaurant, they believed. So, their Chef Restaurant has a luxurious rustic design, impressive interior space, stone pillars, wooden beams, vine-covered terrace, and rich olive groves and spice garden. In the center of the Tabun restaurant, long before it became popular in chef restaurants in the center of the country.

The menu includes a rich and varied tapas dish in colors and flavors, quality meats, fresh sea fish, seafood, desserts from our patisserie and a selection of wines from the area's wineries.

3. Fattoush (Haifa)- Fattoush is the oldest culinary institution on the boulevard has been housed in an ancient stone building since 1997, bringing a new spirit to the Mediterranean genre in Haifa. Fattoush used to be the only restaurant in the area. But with Fattoush's food comes appetite, and over the years a culinary avenue has sprung up down the street. In Fattoush, every guest is welcomed with open arms, with original Mediterranean food inspired by Arab cuisine. The colorful dishes are lovingly prepared from fresh ingredients, and that's not all. Far beyond being a restaurant, Fattoush is a hall of culture that combines culinary works with world-wide music and performances by young artists, adorning the walls of the nearby gallery.

4. Raffaello (Haifa)- Haifa Raffaello restaurant, was established about six years ago and it has maintained its extremely high hosting experience, great service and fine food standards ever since. You are invited for a visit in Italy, to enjoy a unique culinary experience alongside a highly indulging family-oriented atmosphere.

5. hameyasdim16 (Zichron)- hameyasdim16 is a kosher, family and fine meat restaurant run by Chef Alon Pingold and his partner, Siegel. The restaurant is located at the beginning of the historic Founders Street and the magical pedestrian zone of Zichron Yaacov. The restaurant has a terrace overlooking the sea, covered and heated in winter, air conditioned and enjoying a cool breeze in summer. Due to being a small family restaurant, the intimate atmosphere and personal treatment of each diner is important to them.

They offer to the guests, Israeli food, Mediterranean prepared all 'on the spot' in an open kitchen, fresh and fine ingredients.

6.YAMAS Taverna (Vitkin Coast)- The Yamas restaurant located in the Am Hader Road complex in Beit Herut is a modern Greek tavern serving happy, colorful and original Greek and Mediterranean food. The restaurant menu has a wide variety of colorful and exciting mazes, a selection of fish and seafood, meats as well as a variety of dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

At Yamas Restaurant you can enjoy a rich alcohol menu that includes, among other things, refreshing and colorful cocktails based on ouzo. The restaurant is decorated in an eclectic style inspired by life around the sea and ports in Greece. The music in the restaurant is a key element in the character of the place and it takes us on a journey between the different styles of Greek music and the neighboring peoples. In addition, Yamas Restaurant hosts a regular and varied line of live performances of Greek music as well as different ethnic music from across the Mediterranean basin.

7. Hanamaru (Near Netanya)- Hanamaru is a spring culinary game between East and West that meet right here in the Sharon area in Moshav Beit Yitzhak from 2003 and today.

Hanamaru is a Japanese word that means a round flower, you could say it represents the whole menu we created which of course makes a place of honor for flavors from Asian cuisine that first appeared in it for one day a week and over the years have become a place of honor on the menu.

8. Batumi (Netanya)- Restaurant “Batumi” is a favorite restaurant of locals and guests of the city of Netanya. The atmosphere of Georgian fun and homeliness reigns here. Here you can relax and pay homage to culinary masterpieces. Polite and attentive staff helps to improve your mood.

The staff speaks excellent Hebrew, Russian and English, so you do not need to work to get information about any dish you are interested in and fully enjoy Georgian hospitality.


1. Smadar (Zichron Ya'akov)- Smadar vines Grow in Ein Toot valley on the north slopes of Zichron Ya'akov. The Shapira family work this land for over a century. Ein Toot valley is surrounded by mountains closing in and ensuring pleasant days and low night temperatures The low crops provides high quality.

In order to get the best quality of grapes, they are Getting up in the dark wear working shoes and go down to the vineyard.

2. Amphorae (Carmel Mountain)-  Amphora Winery was founded in 2000 by Guy Rilov and winemaker Gil Schatzberg. Wine production is initially done in a shed on an indoor farm, and a few years ago he moved to an impressive and spacious stone structure erected in the area of ​​the entrance to the farm. In the new and beautiful building are an area the production of the wine as well as the eye-catching visitor center of the winery.

In 2008, in collaboration with Guy Rilov, the Dubov family acquired the winery. The Genesis landscapes in which the winery is located were enchanted and blended perfectly with their love of the land and the wine.

Since then, the winery has undergone a process of constant renewal and improvement. Carmi quality of planted areas are unique in the country, know-how and high technology incorporated into the manufacturing process of the wine, and above all - built professional and experienced team, led by winemaker Dr. Arkady Papikian.

Out of his desire for perfection and creating quality standards on a global scale, recruited winery consultant in winemaking important and valued Worldwide, Mr. Michel Roland as the owner of ten wineries and a consultant to dozens of wineries in many countries.

3. Somek (Zichron Ya'akov)- Somek Winery was established in 2002 by Barak and Hila Dahan, with the aim of producing wine at the highest level from the family's vineyards. Barak, a fifth generation of winemakers in Zichron Yaacov, grew up deeply rooted in the family tradition. Traditional manual working methods in order to get the most out of the vineyards, leads to amazing results in the quality of the winery's grapes.

Hila completed a bachelor's degree in agriculture from the Hebrew University and traveled to Australia to further deepen her wine and professional knowledge of wine making and completed a master's degree in winemaking at the University of Adelaide. The combination of the two brings to the winery a tradition, knowledge and experience of growing vineyards in the Zichron Yaacov area, along with technological and viticulturally knowledge.

The work at the winery is carried out with the full cooperation of the two, with the key word being uncompromising professionalism and enjoyment. At Somek Winery, they believe in uncompromising vineyards that allow grapes to reach particularly high qualities and are expressed in every wine, which treasures the nature and trout that are typical of the Nadiv Valley.

Southern Coastal Plain

1. Fish (Rishon Lezion)- FISH Restaurant carries with it a vision to establish an extraordinary culinary complex, which will provide its guests with a surprising Mediterranean experience, along with good music, rich bar, smiling service and a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere.

The menu of the new FISH restaurant combines a wide range of styles, excellent raw materials, fresh and seasonal - and a lot of Israeli soul and simplicity.

The concept of "opening a table", around which the new menu was built, invites the guests of FISH restaurant to enjoy an abundance of first courses from the sea and the land, served to the center of the table and thus allow the diner to enjoy as many flavors, aromas and colors, at affordable prices.

2. Cezar (Rehovot)- Cezar Restaurant was established by Nisso Cohen and Itai Pelach Yogev in 2006.

They believe in good food, fish and fresh meats that they are carefully check every day. They believe in employing professional workers who treat food with all due respect and love.

Cezar Cohen, after whom the restaurant is named, was Nisso's grandfather and had a cafe in Tunisia called café des ami - the friends' cafe - where he entertained and treated everyone as friends.

3. Tokopaya (Nes Ziona)- Tokopaya Restaurant, named after a town in Chile, is an island of joy within a crowded industrial area. When you walk in the door, you are amazed to discover a restaurant with a meticulous, innovative and restrained design that radiates warmth and luxury alike. After passing the designed foyer, you enter the restaurant and immediately notice the small details that make the difference.

Kobi Dellal, the chef and owner, lends a hand in everything related to the restaurant - from the meticulous design, the atmosphere, the service and the music in the place, to the creation of the gourmet that Kobi has been winning for many years. Tokopaya is proof that a kosher restaurant can be successful. It is used in the highest quality raw materials, with all dishes and desserts made in the restaurant. Tokopaya offers an invested menu of meticulous dishes , expressing a delightful gourmet creation.

4. Pescado- "Pescado" - fish in Spanish, opened in 2009 by Eran Geno as the manager and Yachi Zino in the chef's uniform. The chef's life is guided by three fixed principles according to which the menu and the specials of the place are determined: fresh ingredients, simple preparation and strong flavors. Its main purpose is to elegantly skip the kosher problem and stand on an equal footing with the best fish restaurants in the country. The experience at Pescado is a combination of quality food, music that will please your ears and professional and courteous service.

5. Ta'am HaEmek (Ashkelon)- Ta'am HaEmek is a restaurant with sea view, plenty of locally produced salads, fine meat and a sweet tasty finish - this is what a typical meal looks like at the Ta'am HaEmek kosher restaurant in Ashkelon. You will enjoy all that Israelis like to eat, with good BBQ meat on the top of the list. For a family meal or a business meeting, we will make sure to set your table within walking distance from the beach.

Meat - is our specialty. We take every step of the preparation process seriously, because this is the only way to achieve the perfect flavor and the juiciest texture. The cuts come from a good family: Herds growing in green fields and graze serenely. Later, the meat undergoes a special aging process or marinated in a variety of unique sauces, in order to enhance its natural flavors. The steaks, skewers and kebabs are roasted to perfection over hot coals, which envelop them in a smoky scent.

You will also find selected butcher cuts and special mix dishes bringing you the best meat on one plate - from sirloin and beef fillet, through mulard medallions and foie gras to lamb ribs and sweetbreads.

Taam HaEmek opens your appetite with a variety of starters: A plate of chickpeas, baladi eggplant coated with crispy panko, sweet potato in sweet chili, chicken liver on a bed of mashed potatoes and more. We make the house salads on the spot, and the bread comes hot and fresh straight from the Tabun.


1. Kahanov- Eliezer Kahanov came from Europe to Gedera as a pioneer in the early twentieth century and planted his first vineyard.

The Kahanov winery is a family estate winery located in the heart of the family vineyards. The high quality vineyard and the winery providing a picturesque and pastoral atmosphere compatible to the experience of visiting the site. The Winery grapes are only one percent of the family crop, enabling the selection and careful choosing of the grape clusters which make Kahanov's wine so special and unique. These wines are produced using traditional methods and state-of-the-art equipment, this production reflecting the winery and its wines - a new world but deeply rooted in a long tradition.

​These wines age for a long time in oak barrels in order to maintain and enhance the balance and quality of the wine. These wonderful wines have won prestigious awards and medals in many competitions and exhibitions worldwide.

Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem:

1. Naya (Beit Nekofa near Jerusalem)- Naya is a modern up to date Kosher Asian restaurant overlooking the Jerusalem mountains The restaurant is a meeting place between East and West cultures and flavors offering fusion cuisine that boasts a variety of dishes and flavors of uncompromising quality. It's a little bit expensive, but, if you like the genre, it's worth trying.


1. Tzora (near Beit Shemesh)- Tzora Vineyards Located high in the Judean Hills, Shoresh vineyard has a wide range of small parcels varying in elevation and soils, such as Moza Marl, Terra-Rosa and deep bands of limestone. Consequently, grape varieties are planted according to their optimized needs. This natural variation gives birth to an array of terroirs, which create wines of great complexity and longevity. Terroir, “the sense of place,” is expressed merely in noble wines.

Color, aroma, and flavor of wine are all influenced by the vineyard’s soil and climate. The great quality and diversity of our vineyard ensures a rich palette of flavors and complexities that are expressed in our wines.

The Judean Hills rise sharply from the coastal plain, and exhibit ideal conditions for growing wine grapes. Man-made terraces cling to this rugged area in a multitude of directions as they follow the contours of the steep slopes. Cold winters, sharp temperature drop during the short summer nights and early morning summer mists, as well as variations in soils from rocky limestone outcrops to one's rich in minerals, all contribute to the character, the balance and the great longevity of the wines.

2. Castel (Road No'1 ,10 minutes' drive from Jerusalem)- The Castel winery began as if by chance. In the 1970’s, Eli Ben Zaken, born in Alexandria, immigrated with his family from Milan to Israel. With the little money he had, he purchased a piece of land in a community by Jerusalem, with a clear goal to fulfil his dream: to work the land of Israel. Eli built a chicken coop and planted an orchard of various fruit. The first vineyard was planted in 1988, by the family’s home and the winery, in a manner common to the French Bordeaux region – in high density and low vigor. Four years later, family and friends were invited to the first harvest. This harvest was then set to age for two years, in two oak barrels, which Eli imported from France himself. The first 600 bottles were unveiled in the spring of 1995 and Eli named the wine “Grand Vin”. His friends and supporters showed much enthusiasm, but Eli was still uncertain about the quality of the wine. With the help of journalist Dalia Penn-Lerner, a bottle was sent to the head of Sotheby’s auction house in London. The high praise that was sent in return, convinced Eli to continue planting and open the winery, which was named “Castel” after the nearby Crusaders’ fortress.

3. Tzuba (In the Jerusalem mountains)- Tzuba Winery was established in 2005 as an estate based on grapes from the vineyards of Kibbutz Tzuba, which have been planted since 1996. The

vineyards lie on Terra Rosa soil, among ancient rocks, winepresses and terraces. The high altitude (730+), the low humidity, the temperature differences between night and day, and the vineyard rows planted from north to south at a density of 666 vines per hectare, create unique and ideal topographic conditions for growing grapes.

The nocturnal vintage preserves the quality of the grapes that arrive chilled at the winery.

The fine wines derive their quality from the experience of the winemakers and the love of those who make the wine. The wines are aged in French oak barrels for between 8 and 18 months. The winery produces 60,000 bottles a year and is sold in the best wine shops in Israel and abroad (France, USA).


Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, offer plenty of variety of restaurants, and I'm Talking about hundreds of restaurants- and 90% of them are good!!!

In order to help you to focus on the best ones, I chose the best of the bests.

By the way, there are no recommended wineries in these cities.

Restaurants in Jerusalem New City (the West Side)

1. Machneyuda (near Machne Yehuda Market)- Machneyuda Restaurant is a restaurant on the street Beit Yaakov 10 in Jerusalem, near the Machane Yehuda market.

The restaurant was opened in July 2009 by the three chefs Assaf Granit, Yossi Elad and Uri Navon. In February 2012, it was declared the restaurant of the year by the Walla website, the most creative restaurant and the best restaurant in Jerusalem.

The food in the restaurant is based on contemporary Israeli cuisine, inspired by the market offer according to the seasons.

The restaurant's flagship dishes include Uri Style Sashimi, Calamari Moshiko, Hamshuka and Polenta. In July 2010, Machneyuda restaurant opened the Yudla bar on the other side of the street, where creative and original bar food is served.

2. Josef Burger Bar (near Machne Yehuda Market)- Usually, I don't recommend on Burger Bar, but Josef Burger Bar is the best one in Jerusalem. Josef Burger & Bar opened in the summer of 2013, by the creators of the famous "Hatzot" restaurant, which has been around since 1970.

As meat mavens for over 43 years, we decided to open up a kosher place that showcases good quality burgers.

We painstakingly prepare every burger at Josef from the freshest ingredients and our special seasoning. We use only choice cuts of meat, which are ground daily and the burgers are served on fresh, lightly toasted buns.

The restaurant has a young and happy vibe with a menu that features alcohol and special beers from all over the world. There is a huge screen in the restaurant that broadcasts video clips from throughout the ages and sports games, which makes the dining experience at Josef unforgettable.

3. Satya (The German Colony)- Satya [सत्य] - "Truth" in Sanskrit, was opened in 2014 by chef Ilan Grossi ("Chakra" and "Shanti") and a year later Chilik joined Sharabi ("The Workshop") and Eran Avishai (MFA, Bezalel Photography Department). Together they teamed up to create a happy Jerusalem cuisine with a love of food and hospitality.

Every day they create a special menu alongside a rich and seasonal menu that includes fish dishes, seafood and meat, dishes Vegetarian and vegan. The Israeli and varied wine menu has been specially adapted to the restaurant's dishes in addition to the menu Refreshing cocktails.

4. Talbiye (Center of the West Side of Jerusalem)- Talbiye Restaurant was founded in November 2013 and is headed by Chef Nir Levy. The Talbiye is located in the heart of the neighborhood after which it is named, below the Jerusalem Theater and functions as a French-Israeli brasserie.

The meticulous and elegant design, the meticulous dishes and the professional service give Talbiye the character of a French restaurant in the heart of Paris.

In Talbiye you will find fresh pastries and desserts baked on site alongside fine and meticulous dishes of meats, fish, seafood and handmade pastas

5. Adom (The Old/First Train Station's compound)- Adom restaurant in Jerusalem, opened its doors in April 2001 in the city center at the magical Finegold courtyard. The restaurant rapidly became known for its fine cuisine, elegant and vast wine menu and wonderful atmosphere. Since 2013 Adom is located at the First Train Station compound. A new center for culture, fairs, music and much more. It was built on the foundations of the historical Jerusalem old train station.

Adom’s well refined menu offers variety of cuisines. In house aged meats, seafood, fish, gnocchi, fresh pasta and risotto.

All dishes are prepared by using high quality ingredients and many have Mediterranean influence. Daily specials menu created by their chefs Moti Davis and Elran Buzaglo include a variety of seasonal ingredients.

6. The Eucalyptus (Near Jaffa Gate)-   The Eucalyptus Restaurant is well-known restaurant in Jerusalem. The restaurant's menu expresses the ancient and modern style of Eretz Israel, and draws inspiration from the variety of home-cooked dishes that have been cooked for generations in the area by people from a variety of countries of origin and ethnic backgrounds.

The restaurant strives to revive forgotten food traditions whose secrets have been kept for thousands of years and originate in biblical times. We use a variety of herbs and herbs mentioned in the Bible, and create from them contemporary dishes with an aesthetic wink to history

Moshe Besson, the chef and owner of the restaurant, brings the best local produce to the menu and gives a personal touch to the menu with dishes from his Iraqi origins. All of these are complemented by a selection of fine wines from the Judean Mountains, local boutique beers and unique homemade cocktails.

The restaurant, which is located on the first floor of an impressive Jerusalem stone building built in the late 19th century, overlooks the Teddy Fountain and the walls of the Old City and the Tower of David.

7. Angelica (10 minutes' walk from Jaffa Gate)- In 1998, Chef Marcus Gershkovitz, and Chef Erez Margi opened Angelica. Their aim was to create a culinary experience that overcomes the challenges of the kosher kitchen and provides atmosphere, food, and wine of a standard to satisfy their customers to the highest degree.

The restaurant is on the name of Angelica, who was a highly talented artist, vibrant, and complex and provided the expression and inspiration behind their restaurant's concept.

8. Shanty (Jaffa street)- 10 minutes' walk from Jaffa gate)- Shanty, a chef owned restaurant since 1992, is located in Nahalat Shiva, the first Jewish neighborhood outside the Old City walls. The restaurant is housed in a Jerusalem stone structure with arches and stunning carpets from the previous century. The menu is diverse and rich, and with the personal attention, you dine in a magical atmosphere.

9. Luciana (Mammilla Mall- 2 minutes' walk from Jaffa Gate)- Luciana restaurant is a chef restaurant.

On the palate pleasures of the Luciana restaurant trust chef Aviram Dotan, who brings with a wave of his hand this magic to the realms of success as well. The dairy menu prepared by the chef contains a huge abundance of fine Italian flavors - including fresh pastas, homemade desserts and delicacies that delight the human heart. Flavors that blend in with the picturesque atmosphere and create a unique experience.

Restaurants in Tel Aviv

1. The Old Man and the Sea (located at Jaffa)- The Old Man and the Sea restaurant on 85 Kedem Street in Jaffa, was founded in 1999 by Younes Ali.

The restaurant has become a well-known legendary place, where there is nearly no family from north to south of Israel, that did not spend time there. The spacious spot, set on a small hill in Jaffa, overlooks the blue and captivating sea view. The restaurant offers its guests fresh Mediterranean food generously served.

The Old Man and the Sea restaurant in Jaffa portrayals a new Middle East – where Arabs, Jews and tourists from all around the world come together to enjoy fish, seafood, meat, plenty of salads and hot pitas fresh from the Tabun.

In the background you can hear different languages mingling together and an Arabic birthday song played, as one of the unique traditional customs of the place, while the waiters serve dessert with fireworks for guests celebrating.

2. Abu Nassar Hinnawi (located at Jaffa)- Abu Nassar Hinnawi is a restaurant which specialiez in Oriental food, meats, fish, and seafood.

 Abu Nassar-Hinawi is a unique restaurant because it is a fusion of two elephants in the restaurant industry. The merger is between a name in the fish industry - "Abu Nasser" and a giant in the meat industry "Hinawi". The merger has created a restaurant that serves quality meats and great fish.

3. Auzeria (Located on the South of Tel Aviv)- Auzeria restaurant was designed with elegant simplicity. A few tables next to large windows, overlooking the colorful Levinski market in the south of Tel Aviv's hippest neighborhood, and a wide bar sitting 12 where you can enjoy a wide variety of food, spirits with a clear emphasis on different forms of Anise, happy cocktails and other surprises.

When Ophir and Avivit were dreaming of their own restaurant, they envisioned the kind of place they themselves would like to go out to and have fun, a place with good food, casual atmosphere, and lots of and lots of happy music. The vision was always a Mediterranean restaurant, with culinary precision and excellence but still relaxed and informal.

Their inspiration came from the regions of Spanish tapas bars and Greek "Ouzerias"… a visit to several Athenian "Ouzerias" gave Chef Avivit Priel Avichai (formally of "Tapeo") and her partner Ofir Lami the inspiration to open "Auzeria", a modern restaurant serving original joyful food inspired by all Mediterranean cuisine.

4. Taizu (Located on the South of Tel Aviv)- Taizu restaurant, is an Asia Terranean Kitchen, and was opened in 2013 by renowned Chef Yuval Ben Neriah. The kitchen brings a mix of Asian street food and the Mediterranean kitchen, featuring local twists on authentic street food dishes from five south east Asian countries, inspired by Chef Ben Neriah’s travels throughout South-East Asia. The restaurant boasts a unique dining journey inspired by the elements of Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth combined with his personal interpretations.

Since its opening, Taizu has won many prestigious awards, including most recently “Best Restaurant” (TimeOut, 2018), “Best Fine Dining Restaurant” (2017) and “Best Restaurant in Israel” (Forbes).

5. Makom Shel Basar ("A place for Beef" in Hebrew, Neve Tzedek neighborhood)- First of all, the restaurant is exclusive and expensive!

On Shabazi St., at the eastern entrance to the charming Neve Tzedek neighborhood, in a beautiful Jerusalem stone-covered building, which dates back to the neighborhood's first days, is where you’ll find A Place for Meat. As its name suggests, the restaurant is a haven for carnivores.

The restaurant includes a special meat-aging room as well A a butcher's room, and all the meat served is professionally treated.  In addition to the meat, we offer a vast and varied wine list (wines are stored in a specially designed iron refrigerator).

6. Kitchen Market (Tel Aviv Port)- Kitchen Market is a contemporary gourmet restaurant on the upper floor of Shuk HaNamal farmer's market in the Tel Aviv port, one of the city's most beautiful spots. One side offers an unending view of the sparkling sea, and another looks out over the vibrant color of the bustling marketplace.

They make sure that every dish at Kitchen Market is fresh and tasty by choosing the finest ingredients from among the produce that arrives each morning: organic vegetables straight from Moshav Netaim; crisp yellow, orange, and red cherry tomatoes from the Aravah valley; sweet watermelons in a variety of colors; fresh catches of Mediterranean jumbo shrimp; succulent cuts of lamb; flavorful king oyster mushrooms; and much more.

7. Yaffo-Tel Aviv- First of all, It's an expensive restaurant!

Yaffo-Tel Aviv Restaurant is a place where two worlds, the old and the modern join together in an incredible harmony, sharing one concept. we love to entertain, our dining experience is based on a journey made of precise food, fresh, seasonal materials and couture patisserie and the personal connection that naturally created between the guests and our staff. The chef, Haim Cohen, is well known in Israel.

The restaurant takes the classic and romantic food towards the new world of culinary and connects them. A combination of authenticity, smells and nostalgic (perhaps even mythological) tastes, with techniques, precision and modern interpretations, and that is what makes it so special.

8. Hudson (Ramat- Hahayal)- (Expensive) Hudson is an American-inspired steakhouse. Their menu contains a wide variety of steaks, burgers, sandwiches and other classic dishes with a unique twist. They let our Ingredients "speak for themselves", all the ingredients are in the highest level of quality and freshness.

The menu contains variety of special cuts of Steaks. Each day the steaks that achieved the optimal aging are being served. Even their burger is a steak - chopped steak.

Hudson was established in January 2008. The restaurant located in the inner square of "Or" Towers in Ramat Hahayal; business area by day and a quality entertainment area in the evening. The restaurant has wide space which can offer intimate tables, wide bar and room for multiplied-gussets meals.

9. Topolopompo - (Expensive!) They wrote about them self as follow: "We went searching for the fire. We searched in stoves, grills, forests, mountains and every corner around Asia seeking for the legendry fire dragon, the one that hovers through the night, from past to future huffing and puffing, Igniting the imagination, darting in smoke around the table and inflaming hearts, we never gave up until we found that flame and relit it. Topolopompo. The fire is burning in the kitchen. Welcome to the table".

10. La Shuk-  The revival of Tel Aviv’s iconic Dizengoff Square wouldn’t be complete without La Shuk, an upbeat restaurant with a local Mediterranean flair. Guests are greeted by professional, approachable staff, a colorful open kitchen and lively ambience.

They enjoy superb customer service and can savor a variety of delectable dishes made from fresh-from-the-market ingredients.

Grab a seat and order some of the tasty items from the menu to share with your friends. Enjoy the spirited buzz and the vibe of nostalgic Mediterranean music.

11. Meat Bar Tel Aviv- Meat Bar restaurant was first opened its doors in 1994 and for the past three decades, Meat Bar Tel Aviv and its sister in Herzliya have been serving as "steak house" restaurants. It's a place to enjoy the meat which is been made by an excellent chef, which are expert in meat. The meat itself is a high Quality beef, and is well chosen by the restaurant.

12. Nam (Dizengoff street)- Nam restaurant was set up in June 2014 out of love for authentic Thai cuisine.

"Nam" is the latest effect added to the dish and gives it its flavor.

They chose to make accessible to the Tel Aviv audience Thai food faithful to the original, in a light and non-binding summer atmosphere.

"Nam" is the last effect added to the dish and gives it its flavor. The word "nam" means spilled water, and in the culinary context it is the sauce spilled over the dish that connects all the flavors.

Their dishes are prepared by a team of skilled Thai cooks who use fresh ingredients of the highest quality and are faithful to recipes from the country of origin.

13. Goocha Dizengoff- With a modern design and a super-central location, the popular Gucha restaurant offers you to spend time in a city that has no break in a restaurant that fits like a glove to the spirit of the time and place. In Goocha you are invited to relax comfortably and enjoy pampering furniture, inside or outside the restaurant, in the endearing and inanimate urban landscape. Wherever you choose to sit, in the Goocha restaurant they will offer you our menu with a huge selection of seafood and fresh-fresh fish. In Goocha you will also find exciting additions and surprising combinations of sea and land, east and west, all combined with a world-class alcohol bar and tempting prices that will make your visit to the restaurant enjoyable.

14. Rustico Rothschild (Rothschild boulevard)-  Rustico is a classic Italian restaurant, which means stains of olive oil and the smell of balsamic vinegar, mozzarella ripped between one’s fingers, something which just came out of the oven fresh and warm, a bit of coarse salt and freshly ground pepper. And a glass of wine, of course.

With the Italians, everything begins and ends with a proverb. And it’s not just any proverb. Most of their proverbs begin and end with food. Would you like an example? Here you go: “Dire pane al pane e vino al vino.” And in English: Calling bread bread and wine wine. In other words, calling something as it is. The pizza is pizza; the pasta is pasta. They don’t play with food. They just do it right.

15. Porter & Sons- Porter & Sons, located on Four Street, is a shrine of fine dining and beer. Instead of more than 50 types of beer in barrels, which are kept in a pouring and cooling system, the first of its kind in Israel and above. You can also enjoy 70 bottled beers.

Good food, hundreds of beers ... what needs more than that?

Their menu is based on fun food to eat alongside beer, like Roast Beef Romesco, a rich and juicy portion of sheitel served alongside almond sauce and roasted peppers; Home-made sausages - 3 types of sausages made instead of selected meat; Matias in beer and cream of yesteryear, soaked in wheat capital and served alongside pickled vegetables; Seafood pan with shrimp, squid and mussels in a sauce of artichoke, pickled lemon, coriander and white wine and more. Special dishes are added to the regular menu every day, depending on the seasonal ingredients.

Among the diverse and rich selection of beers, you will find Maredsous triple, a Belgian beer in a reddish-golden color with a caramel and fruity aroma with a peach and light orange aroma; London porter, an English beer with rich flavor and light bitterness; Franciscan Dunkel, a dark and hazy German wheat beer with fruity flavors and a reddish queen; And an Israeli boutique beer of the pale ale type, characterized by a barley bread flavor and a deep red color.

16. Chooka Bugrashov- There is no better way to start a new chapter in life with good food, and Chooka certainly meets expectations. Already at the entrance we were received with great hospitality, the waitress was kind and restrained, served us like a king (do not worry, we did not spare a tip). The restaurant itself is gracefully decorated, very aesthetically pleasing and inviting. The food, for which we gathered .. I do not think there is a way to describe how much I fell in love with the dishes we chose, each dish was a stamp in the flavors we love so much. There is something in Asian cuisine that makes you want more and more. Mixing the flavors sour-sweet, spicy, etc. turns the dishes into a work of art. I ordered noodles and salmon chunks, my wife ordered noodles in tofu chunks (vegetarian, what to do?) And side dishes: Asian vegetable salad, and tempura vegetables.