Lower galilee Introduction

Most of the tours in Israel are visiting the Lower galilee area. There are several reasons for that:

1. It is easy to combine in a tour in Israel, because it is close to the center.

2. It has a lot of important sites (religious and historical) for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

3. The Lower Galilee has very comfortable weather. Not too hot in Summer, and not too Cold in Winter (it never snows).

In our Website, we will pay attention to sites in the Lower Galilee region, plus the Jezreel Valley.

In the first temple time, this area was the main cross road of trading around the Middle East. The Lower Galilee controls the Jezreel Valley- which connects between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan valley, and from there to Asia. It controls the Megiddo junction which connects between the southern side of Israel and the Jezreel Valley. And it controls from the West side on Haifa harbor and Akko (Aker).

Therefore, we can find a lot of remaining from First Temple time in the Lower Galilee, as well in the Jezreel Valley. In this area Thutmose III king of Egypt, fought against the Canaanites (the first documented battle in history!!!), Deborah the Judge fought against Sisra, Ahab built his Palace in Megiddo etc...

In the Second temple time, after the return from Babylon, alot of Jewish villages and small towns had been established in that area. 

Jesus lived and started his ministry in the Lower galilee area. Nazareth and Nain villages (Raises a Widow’s Son: Luke 7) are located at the Lower galilee. We find the village Sepphoris or Zippori in the Lower Galilee, which is mentioned in "Protoevangelium of James"(5:2) as the Birthplace of Mary. Yodfat, where the Jewish rebels, under the leadership of Josephus Flavius fought against the roman is also located in the Lower galilee.

After the Second Temple destruction, The Sanhedrin (Jewish parliament) moved to Yavne on the coastal plain (till 135 AD), and from there it moved to the Lower Galilee.

Today you can find this area full with Historical and Theological sites, Wineries, Restaurant, Motels, Hotels, and Nature reservations.  




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