Hula Valley+ Sea of Galilee Introduction 

The Hula Valley and the Sea of Galilee, are full with wild natural sites, Historical and Theological Sites, which consider as Must Sites to visit, during your tour in Israel.

This area was created as a result of Tectonic activity between two plates: The Sub Israeli plate (Israel) which moves to North-West and the Arab Plate which moves to North-East. In between these two Plates, the Hula Valley, The Jordan Valley and the lakes between them were created.

In the Northern side of the Hula Valley, we can find Tel Dan, which is a beautiful site which combine Wild nature and Historical sites as well. If we will go a little bit south we will find the Hula Valley, which use to be a swamp till the 60's of the 20 Century. A little bit southern there is a site which we can make a rafting with a boat on the Jordan river, or slip on Omega, and many other kinds of sports.

30 minutes' drive south from there we will reach the sea of Galilee. On the Northern side of the lake, we will find most of the churches we heard about in the new testament. This is the place where Peter hosted Jesus, for three years. This is the place where Jesus walked upon the water, this is the place where the beatitude blessed took place, the place where Peter got his Primacy, the place where Jesus made the miracle with the pigs, and where he first met Mary Magdalen.

near the south coast of the Sea of Galilee we can see the Hot springs of Hamat Gader and the Baptismal area of the Jordan River (Yardenit).

The Sea of Galilee itself is a fresh water lake, and the name Sea of Galilee was given to the lake by the Byzantines. In Hebrew the name of the lake is Kineret- from the Hebrew name Kinor which means Violin (the shape of the lake).

גולן, גליל, חרמון- מבנה טופוגרפי- כולל ר