Dead Sea Introduction

The Dead Sea, is the lowest, and the fourth saltiest lake in the world. It contains 10-time salt (in percentage), than in the Mediterranean.

It was created as a result of Tectonic activity between two plates: The Sub Israeli-Sinai plate (Israel) which moves to North-West and the Arab Plate which moves to North-East. In between these two Plates, the Jordan Valley, The Sea of Galilee, The Dead Sea and the Red Sea had been created.

The Geological phenomenon started around 17 million Years ago, and the plates are moving from each other in a pace of 1mm per year.

It means that finally Israel is going to become an island. Unfortunately, not earlier than 3 million years from now...

The length of the Dead Sea is around 51 KM (around 34 Miles) and its wide is around 18 KM (around 11 Miles). The deepest place in the Dead Sea is in the North side of the lake, and it's around 300 Meters. The southern side is mainly "cut" to Ponds for Evaporation of water, in order to get the Minerals and the Potash from the salt.

The Dead Sea is losing every year (in average) 0.8 Meters from its water level. This phenomenon happens for hundreds of years due to several reasons. In the last 100 years, the potash factories from both sides- Jordanian and Israeli are over drying the South area, and due to that the problem has been increased.

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